Awareness For Teachers :

Parenting is the process of raising and educating a child from birth until adulthood. Parenting typically utilizes rewards, praise and discipline (or punishment) as tools of behavioral control. All parents have questions about their children’s behavior, growth, and development. The challenges of parenting seem never-ending and constantly evolving.

Unfortunately parents do not have any training for raising their child. A parent offer health drink to his child, take him to Gym, organize Dance classes, music art & other facilities for the full development of the child. A parent works day in & day out for making the child achieve good grades in school. A parent work hard to send the child to the best tutor of the town. But the parent never has time to sit for a while to think whether all the routines scheduled by him are taxing the child or not; Whether the communication of the parents to motivate his child to achieve higher grades are becoming stressful or not. Infect, the fine line of difference when a work / study become enjoyable & when it becomes stressful in not known to parents. Emotionally involved, a parent fail to notice the behavioral manifestations of stresses of a child.

A parent fails to identify the need to take measures for the proper overall development of the personality of the child, to make him a well balanced person in life. A parent need to take parenting courses & learn the techniques so that he / she can play the role of good parent offering quality parenting for their little loved one.

A parent as a lay man fails to understand the minor behavioral problems that may develop in a child.

We care for the care givers.

Movere knows how important & also difficult the role of parents is in today’s fast competitive life.

How crucial is his role to resolve the conflicts in the life of child & guide him in the right direction. As a parent we always want to be Flawless & give our best to child. How can you be the best where you have dearth of knowledge. Gaining understanding & knowledge about children & their personality pattern will help you to understand them better & guide them appropriately.

The training also helps the teachers to know & understand the common behavioral problems that might develop & proper handling strategies.

Few queries-

How many times have you felt worries because you thought you are not capable of handling your child properly?

How many times your child has failed to satisfy your expectations?

How many times you have felt misunderstood by your child?

How many times do you felt sorry for enforcing your wrong decision to the child?

How many times you had the query “will my child be able to achieve his goal & career"?

Movere offers you solution & answer to all your queries & help you develop a very healthy cosy relationship with your child.

Movere makes you a well informed parent so that you are able to identify any behavioral problems that might develop in the developmental stages of your child’s life & help you assist them in the process.

Movere helps the teacher to understand the student in a better way & help them to develop in to a healthy adult.


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