Career Counseling:

The most crucial & time taking work is to choose your right career. A person may score well in his exams- but failing to choose his appropriate career may end him without a story of success in his life. Choosing a career isn't a task you can complete over night. It takes time to choose a right career. Often while choosing career people overlook their aptitudes & interests but pay more attention to the unfulfilled desires of parents.

But satisfying parental choice may or may not make you reach your desired goal.


Success & failures in a career depends on the crucial balance of your aptitude, interest, attitude & personality.
Career counseling can be a viable source to advance your career & achieve your desired dreams. Make your dream turn into reality by taking professional help from career consultants. Try to figure out what you really want to do with Your Career. Career Assessment will help you to find out the right career available for you in your life.

What is measured: Assessments used in career counseling generally measure interests, skills, values, or personality or some combination of these. While some online assessments are primarily personality tests, the results have applications in the career realm, suggesting that people with certain personalities are best suited to certain careers.

You get your clothes cleaned when they’re dirty. You pay your bills each month. You see your doctor once or twice a year. You send cards to family-members at each birthday. So, why is it that most people don’t integrate career management into their regular routine?

Most individuals have a reactive – not a “proactive” – approach to their careers. Thinking that you only need to “fix your career when it’s broken” is a very unfortunate misconception that will seriously limit your career success!

Here are some common misconceptions about career management:

1. The most talented, qualified people only get job easily.

WRONG! Many times candidates with lesser qualifications get job offers simply because they’ve prepared and presented themselves in a more compelling way. In other words, they’re better self-marketers! Being "qualified" is not enough. You have to CONVINCE the employer that you're the best candidate for the job. To get a job you must be more EFFECTIVE than more qualified. A person who cannot prove his worth in work will not get a good job even if he has a good academic background.

2. I need not have to think about my career when I am in a job.
WRONG! Even if you’re employed today, you never know what may happen tomorrow! To avoid a career disaster, you should incorporate “Perpetual Career Management” into your professional life. It is a time when you often need to change your careers to be at a better place. Consulting a professional to know about your future options can lead to sure success in your future life story.

3. I have already completed my education & so not in need of any career counseling.
WRONG! Life is changing very fast. You need to move ahead, plan ahed for your future goals. You need continuous upgadation of your knowledge & expertise. You should always look for ways to advance your professional knowledge. Attending seminars, reading journals, pursuing certifications, etc. – these activities should be a part of your ongoing professional development process. It’s imperative that every professional remain currently updated in his or her field.

4. If I just do a good job, my position will be secure?
WRONG! With corporate mergers, downsizings, outsourcing and a shaky economy, NO job is secured. You must take full responsibility for your own career security. Golden handshakes are now very common in India

5. Employers are responsible for managing my career path.
WRONG! This statement might have been true in our father’s or grandfather’s time. But now, it’s “every man for himself.” Only YOU have the power to take control of your career and manage it for success. So, make the most of it! Get support and guidance from a qualified Career Consultant if you feel that this would be helpful.

Now that you’re familiar with these deadly career misconceptions, you can easily reverse them to have a very positive impact on your career. We always take the best possible option for ourself. We try to choose the best school for our study. The best college for enhancing our career. The best tutorials for additional support.Why not a good career counseling to know how we can effectively utilize the knowledge, the degrees that we have acquired.

Movere provides you the guidance to let you move forward in life, to unfold your potentialities & choose a career that would be suitable in your academic background & personality type.

Why to opt for career counseling? We know our self. Our parents ate there to guide us. So why waste time & money in career counseling?

Do you know how much money you have spent till date on your career?
It starts from school.
- Your tution fee in school
- Your books for each class
- Your exercise books
- Your transport to school
- Your private tutors
- Your pens. Pencils, erasers,& other necessities
- Your school picnic
- Dress for your school cultural programme

In College –
-Tuitions for Entrance examination
-College fee
-Pocket money for going to college
-Your books
-College educational Excursions

OOPS! That’s an enormous sum. So do you think that you can waste your whole money after that? Certainly not. So take a time out from your busy schedule to design the right career that can only make or break your life, let you achieve all your dreams along with the dreams of your parent.

1. Gain Clarity in your life.
Most people don’t know what they really want in their life/careers. Even the ones that do…don’t know when they get it.

2. Develop your personal Vision/Mission.
Your personal vision/mission is your purpose in life. Are you living in alignment or in conflict of your purpose?

3. Sharpen your Skills.
Your skills in a sport get rusty without practice, so do your career without right career opportunity.

4. Increase your Confidence.
When you know what your good at and what you want, you go for it, and people stand out of your way.

5. Identify what motivates you.
It’s not about pumping you up. It is about realizing how you were wired since birth and how to use that programming to achieve happiness & success together in life.

6. Explore & utilize your unlimited potential at work.
Most people are completely in dark about it. They work only for the sake of money. Though money is considered to be most important for our living but we need to get satisfaction to know & explore our capabilities & thus discover our self. Self Discovery lead to pleasure & peace IN MIND

7. Total balance in all areas of your life.
To keep pace with life people need to go to bars, drink, take drugs & are always restless. This in turn hampers their career in the long run. So balancing different roles in life with equal ease & satisfaction is needed.

8. Break through what stops you from achieving your goals.
Our wrong attitudes & beliefs hold us back. Recognizing why they exist helps you overcome fear and failure to accomplish your goals.

From time to time you may feel your working life is not moving ahead as it should be and you need career advice.

Do -
• You have different interests, ideas and perceptions now than when you began your career ?
• You have grown frustrated and want to seek more value in your professional life ?
• You have considered more than once to take the lead to seek an alternate or outright new career ?
• You have felt unsure about which steps to take to formulate and achieve your career or college goals ?
• You have no idea how your current skills are transferable to a new career ?
You feel the need for a trusted and experienced counselor who can help you to achieve success?

Movere Help you :
• Create a clear set of career objectives
• Analyze your strengths and accomplishments to determine criteria for the right choices
• Identify resources to help explore options, identify new opportunities, and examine alternatives

Movere understands you & cares.


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